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Library Computerization


         The Library uses Slim 21 software package which is an integrated multi-user library management system that supports all in-house operations of the Library. The Slim 21 consists of modules on acquisition, cataloguing, circulation, serial control, utilities and OPAC. Retrospective conversion of bibliographic records has been completed and more than 7000 bibliographic records of books available in the Library can now be accessed through the Slim 21 OPAC. The database of books available in the Library is being updated on day to day basis with details of recently acquired books. Records of all the Library patrons have also been created in the Slim 21 package. The editing and updating activities are in progress.


Computer Center


           Curreuntly 125 Intel Pentium Dual Core , 3.0 Ghz Computer systems are provided for the Internet Access. Computer Center is also included Two Dedicated Servers of HP. Intel Xeon processor Based HP DL Server series Systems are used & Also we used 3 other servers(HP ML) for internel network . Lease line having 2 MBPS Band width is used for the Internet connectivity.Separate Audio Visual Hall is also available.


Other Amenities


1. Water


"Water can be without the company of humans but we as humans can only be without water for a few days."

       This quotation shows the whole truth about the importance and meaning of water as the main source of nourishment. Its value cannot be overestimated. It is essential for all life on this planet. In Sankara polytechnic college we provide purified drinking water throughout the campus for all.


2. Bus Facilities


          The college has a fleet of new bus to cater the transportation needs of students and staffs. They are servicing from prominent places all over the city to and from college. The transportation wing of RGP always aims for safety of the students and staffs and hence experienced set of drivers are employed to do this service. In addition to the government transport services the institution provides special buses from all around Udgir city to our Polytechnic.




1. Central Computing Facilities


  • It is equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities
  • 145 HP Machines
  • 2 Mbps Leased Line for Internet Connectivity
  • Communication and Personality Development Software.
  • E-journals.
  • 3 HP ML110 series server & 2 DL120 Rack series server.


 2. Faculty


          The institute has well experienced and highly qualified faculty in all disciplines. It strives for the enhancement of academic performance of the students. With the changing time, there has been a revolution in the conduct and delivery of engineering education. The management encourages for acquiring higher education by sponsoring them. The faculties undergo summer/ winter schools/ workshops/ training programs etc. to upgrade themselves. The faculties are actively involved in research and development activities, consultancy projects, writing of books and paper presentations/ publications at national and international levels.


3.Tutor System


             To help the students the tutor system is introduced where in a teacher is attached for a group of 20 students. The tutor conducts meeting every fortnight to attend their problems of whatever nature they may be. The concept of tutor is to act as a friend, philosopher, and guide to the students for moulding their careers.


4. Convention of Teachers, Parents, Students and Management


         The college is holding regularly this unique and very fruitful concept of convention of Teachers, Parents, Students and Management to bring them together and deliberate about their roles in order to achieve a common goal - 'to be an innovative Engineer and a responsible citizen.



5. SMS Facility


         Our college has SMS facility to provide information about student's attendance in college on regular basis to their parents.


6. Students Section


          This section deals with smooth conduct of Board examination, distribution of results, preparation of merit list and getting eligibility for first year and second year students. Students are assisted in getting Scholarships, bus/railway/air concessions. Any documents or certificates required by the students are issued immediately.


7. Scholarships


           Eligible students get scholarships for SC / ST students by Government of India, scholarships for NT, VJ, and OBC including SBC by Government of Maharashtra. There are many other scholarships awarded by different agencies.


Boys Hostel :

Facilities -


  •    A computer lab with 24hrs internet facility.
  •    Sport equipments for outdoors and indoors games.
  •    Gym facility for personal physical fitness.
  •    Good quality indoor mess facility.
  •  Various festivals are being celebrated by conducting different    activities.
  •   Technical and non-technical activities are organized for girls.
  •   Strict rules and regulations to ensure personal safety.
  •   Rooms are allotted on the basis of personal yearly academics     performance.


Hostel Structure:

Hostel – A (For Boys)

Total Rooms: 20(for students)+3(for Guests)+3(store rooms)+1(office)

Each Room contains 4 students

For FE : 8 Rooms

For SE :05 Rooms

For TE :05 Rooms  

PH Candidate :1 Room

OMS Candidate :1 Rooms
Present Rector Number of Rooms Intake
Pawar V.L 20   80







   When the College started functioning in the new campus at Udgir in 2009, the management decided to provide transportation between various parts of Udgiri city and the College. Initially Two buses started operating between the college and the city. As the number of courses offered increases, the total strength of the college also increased and now 2 buses are operating from various parts of Udgir to the college.

          Transport is also provided for sports, library, laboratory and late evening classes. Buses are operated on Saturdays and Sundays for special classes etc. On special occasions buses are sent for industrial visits and social service activities.

         The College has own Two buses . A transport committee headed by a Convenor is formed to take care of the smooth operation of buses. The staff in-charge of the buses (one teaching and one supporting) ensures the smooth functioning of the buses. Transport committee meets once in three months and the Principal and the staff in-charge of the buses attend the meeting.


The members of the committee are :

  • Pramod Nagalgaonkar (Transport Convenor)
  • Kulkarni D.S
  • General Secretary, Student's Association
  • Student Representatives


Duties of Transport Convenor:

  • Allocation of bus routes for the for the first year students during admission
  • Supervising the daily bus operation and giving instructions to the bus supervisors
  • Conducting meeting with all staff in-charges of buses once in three months.
  • Inspecting the condition of the buses and reporting for necessary actions
  • Periodically checking the documents of the buses (College & Contract)
  • Maintaining the ISO documents
  • Verifying and passing the bill for making payment
  • Reporting to the superiors as and when required.


Duties of Staff In-charges:


  • Check the starting and arrival time of the bus. Any unnecessary delay may be reported.
  • Ensure the proper seating arrangement in the bus. Few seats may be earmarked for the staff members who travel regularly. Standing if any may be informed.
  • Maintain strict discipline while traveling in the bus. Keep vigil over the senior students during the beginning of the year (after the first year classes are started) to prevent ragging in the bus. Any incident of ragging must be brought to the notice of concerned persons.
  • Periodically check the students ID card to ensure that the students are traveling in the bus route allotted to them. In case of a need to go by a different route for any genuine reason, the student may be given permission.
  • In case of bus breakdown or any other problem during the journey, take appropriate steps immediately and inform to the transport convenor.


                                                                       Sri Pramod Nagalgaonkar                                          
                                                                               Transport In-charge
                                                                            Cell No: 9503663500


1 ROUTE: Bidar Road 8.00 am  01 Sri Pramod Nagalgaonkar  Ashok Rathod
2 ROUTE: Nanded Road 8.00 am 02 Sri Pramod Nagalgaonkar Bhange S.K




ROUTE:Shivaji Chowk 8.30 am 03 Sri Pramod Nagalgaonkar  Ashok & Bhange



- Transport Convenor



       A library is a collection of sources, resources, and services, and the structure in which it is housed; it is organized for use and maintained by a public body, an institution, or a private individual. In the more traditional sense, a library is a collection of books. It can mean the collection itself, the building or room that houses such a collection, or both. The term "library"has itself acquired a secondary meaning: "a collection of useful material for common use." This sense is used in fields such as computerscience,mathematics,statistics,electronics andbiology. It can also be used by publishers in naming series of related books, e.g. The Library of Anglo-Catholic Theology.

      One of the assets of the college is the library. The institute has well equipped library with varied facilities and resources. The library is enriched with numerous research papers, journals (online/printed), periodicals etc. The library resources are easily accessible to students as well as teachers of the institute. The library contains collection of varied international papers, magzines, thesis which help students in their assignment, research or project tasks.



          Apart from the curricular activities the institute organizes extra-curricular activities for all round development of the Students. We take every effort to encourage our students to participate in various activities, such as social, cultural and sports. The gymkhana provides the facility for various indoor and outdoor games. The college students actively participate in the inter diploma sport competition. The college organizes different types of sports events under the Gymkhana Activity. The Gymkhana Cell arranges competitions of Cricket, Volleyball, long-jump, 100m Running, Discus-throw, Javelin-throw, Carom, Chess, Table-Tennis, Mehandi, Rangoli Competitions etc.

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